The best chainsaws: guide and comparison

Makita UC3041A

The chainsaw is the ideal tool for pruning trees, but be sure to identify your needs to choose the device that will best suit your use. In fact, there is a type of chainsaw for each work context. The pole pruner is ideal for reaching high branches without difficulty, while the thermal or electric pruner has a cutting capacity of around 35 cm, the felling chainsaw is made for […]

The 5 best petrol chainsaws

TimberPro 62 cc petrol chainsaw

The maintenance of your garden will be even easier with a petrol chainsaw. This device makes it possible to cut wood simply and effortlessly. The thermal chainsaw indeed offers much more power than its electric counterpart and will be more suitable for cuts of wood with a diameter of more than 30 cm. The Ooreka selection thus […]

The best chainsaws in 2021

Ryobi OCS1830

Wood is the cheapest fuel for heating. Each year, the People burn 51 million cubic meters. And what better than a chainsaw to cut logs while maintaining the garden? Thermal or electric, each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Not to mention the parameters (power, cutting length, type of chain, etc.) to be taken into account. So […]

Beard trimmer: comparison, test and reviews

Panasonic ER-1611 Trimmer

For those who already have one, it’s no secret: maintaining a beard is a daily task . It is not enough to let it grow in the hope that it deigns to follow the shape of the face and present a uniform air. Adequate tools must be obtained to help it grow, to guide development and, if necessary, […]

Charcoal barbecue: how to choose it well, the selection of the best

Charcoal barbecue

With friends or family, the barbecue has become a staple of your summer days. The charcoal barbecue is still the preferred model for lovers of tradition. Its fuel (charcoal) offers a smoky taste to grilling that makes the tasting successful. We particularly appreciate the authentic character of the embers. While it certainly takes a little […]