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Here are some practical tips and our selection of products for best budget cooling for office & home. Should we choose a mobile fan, to attach to the ceiling, column, or the new flashy Dyson … Not always easy when the first heat comes to know how to cool the interior or even the office. Before you start buying a fan, know that this is the easiest and cheapest way to cool your home, if you do not have an air conditioner,  air freshener, or an air blower, more efficient but also more expensive. One of the criteria for a fan to be efficient is its airflow. This is expressed in cubic meters per minute (m3 / min) and will be chosen according to the surface to be covered. For example, a 20 m² living room requires an airflow of 100 m3 / min. There are also air fans for large spaces, but these are mainly intended for professional premises. Many models incorporate options to modulate the use of your fan: misting brings a feeling of freshness, humidification ensures the humidity of your home, and the ionization function improves the quality of indoor air.

For your comfort, your fan can have a programming system, blower modes, as well as a remote control for easy and intuitive use. When choosing, make sure your model does not exceed 50 decibels when it is running. So which fan should you choose to face the rise of mercury without stress? If it is possible to benefit from a ceiling fan, the mobile models can cool the air in an indoor or outdoor space. This is particularly the case for pedestal or column fans. The choice of your fan will therefore be based on the place where it will be installed. Stand fans are placed on a table or desk. A floor-standing fan can be present in any room, as well as on the terrace. As for the ceiling fan, it requires arrangements to install it and connect it to the electrical network. Here is our guide.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans also called ceiling lights are placed like a ceiling light fixture. Thanks to a switch, you can choose the rotation speed of the blades. The most efficient ventilate rooms up to 40m2. They are sometimes equipped with a bulb, which allows both to ventilate the room and not die of heat but also to be able to light it with suitable equipment. See also our practical sheet:  Ceiling fan: how to choose it well.

  • 4 reversible blades
  • Integrated lamp
  • With front and rear directional motor

With a diameter of 1060 mm, the Minisun ceiling fan is fitted with a front and rear directional motor to adapt to the ambient temperature. The four reversible blades allow heat to circulate during the harsh winter. In summer, it refreshes the living rooms. Incorporating a lamp (60-watt pear bulb), this fan also acts as a light fixture.

Stand fan

Stand fan

The floor fans have the same power as the table fans, the only difference with the latter is their height. They are easily moved from one place to another in the room. Also, their height is often adjustable, which comes in handy depending on where you want to put your fan.

With an adjustable height between 40 cm and 122 cm, the Brandson pedestal fan has a support and a flexible angle of inclination to better focus its area of ​​action. Equipped with aerodynamic blades, its airflow is both high and very quiet. Three-speed levels are available to modulate the power of the fan. It is suitable for home or office use. This fan is also known as the best tower fan

Best Tower fan / Column fan

Column fan

The best tower fan or column fan also called tower often pleases by its design and its compact format and the elite design of the best tower fan. In addition, the angle of this best tower fan of the device: This can range from 60º to 360º for the most efficient best tower fan. Its main flaw? It is often made mostly of plastic which makes it fragile and can cause more noise.

  • Remote control for practical use
  • 3 ventilation settings
  • Integrated carrying handle

Thanks to its integrated carrying handle, the Ansio column or best tower fan can be easily placed in any interior room. Its remote control allows programming of operating ranges up to 7.5 hours in thirty-minute increments. This column fan has three ventilation modes: natural, normal, and night. To use it requires two AAA batteries (not supplied) for the remote control.

  • Practical and efficient. 45W power and 3 adjustable speeds. Get a fresh vibe in an instant.
  • Remote control: Equipped with space at the top of the device to store the remote control. Manage your fan from your sofa or bed without needing to move. Easy and comfortable.
  • 3 operating modes + 3 speeds. Normal, breeze, and night. Choose the function you want or simply adjust its speed. The Taurus Alpatec fan is the most complete for maximum comfort.
  • Automatic oscillation system: ideal for the breeze to reach all corners of the room.
  • 100% copper motor: powerful performance and ultra-durability with an ultra-quiet operation that ensures great comfort in your home.

The Alpatec column or best tower fan offers several operating modes and a handy remote control to control the power and the circular movement of the column from a distance.

Silent fan

Silent fan

The heat is already heavy enough to bear the noise of a fan. There is no question of having the impression of being on a tarmac! The best is therefore to opt for a silent fan. To avoid harmful noise from fan blades, manufacturers use low-speed motors. Experts agree that a model emitting up to 40 dB should be chosen. However, on the market, there are mainly models whose noise level varies between 50 and 70 dB which may already be very good. As compared to the best tower fan this fan is more silent.

  • Noise level: 35 decibels
  • Turbo Boost function for intense airflow up to 80 m3 / min
  • Wide air diffusion covering up to 120 °

Offering a Turbo Boost function, the Rowenta VU5640F0 fan can brew a high airflow of 80 m3 per minute. With a sound level that does not exceed 35 decibels, it manages to reconcile power and silent operation. Its 120-degree rotation angle covers large areas to cool them. For moderate consumption, the airflow automatically decreases every 15 minutes.

Criteria for choosing a fan

  • Airflow: the main characteristic of a fan is the amount of air it stirs. High speed and air outlet surface guarantee a good ventilation. The airflow is measured in m3 / min or m3 / h, it varies from 15 to 150 m3 / min between the least efficient and most efficient fans and up to 300m3 / min for professional equipment accessible to individuals.
  • Sound: measured in dB, it defines the noise caused by the fan running. Simple buzzing or real din is a criterion not to be overlooked, because the noise quickly becomes unbearable, especially if the device is operating at night. Please note, it is not necessarily indicated on the product packaging. The acceptable sound is around 40dB.
  • Oscillation: this option which is fitted to most devices allows more efficient air circulation since the swept area is larger.
  • Aesthetics: from the basic white plastic fan to the designer chrome or colored metal one, the shapes and materials are diverse and numerous but do not affect the quality of the ventilation. Everyone will choose the style that suits them according to their tastes and the interior design of their accommodation.

Tips for using a fan

  1. Place at least two or three frozen water bottles in front of the fan.
  2. Put a damp cloth on the device, taking care that there is no danger.
  3. Always place a tray of water with ice cubes in front of the fan.
  4. Hang a towel filled with ice between two chairs and position the fan in front.
  5. Install your ventilator in the corner of a room and in height rather than in front of you.

From 20 to 500 euros, our selection of ventilators adapts to all uses and all budgets to best adapt to the heat. With a USB port to be placed near the computer, column to better cool a room, silent or with a mist option … the functions are varied and numerous. Here are the models we have selected:

Best Fan

Honeywell HYF290E4

To cover a larger area, the Honeywell HYF290E4 fan has an oscillation function that allows it to orient itself at 80 degrees, to the right, as to the left. The eight power levels ensure precise and optimal adjustment in order to moderate its energy consumption. The brightness of the display screen can be dimmed for night use. This fan has a remote control for more intuitive use.

Dyson fan

AM07 Dyson

Equipped with Air Multiplier technology, the AM07 Dyson floor fan optimizes circulation flow for a pleasant and fresh feeling. Its remote control allows you to adjust its operation to ten adjustable positions. With a power of 56 Watts, this fan is also distinguished by the absence of blades, thus offering an avant-garde design. This feature also makes cleaning easier.

Swivel fan

Swivel fan

Conventional fan, but very powerful, this device from the AEG brand has an infinitely adjustable angle, to propel air throughout the room. With three speeds, it is nonetheless very quiet, which avoids the inconvenience associated with rotation.

Oscillating fan

Oscillating fan

This column fan is a good compromise from a quality-price point of view. Delivered with its remote control and equipped with a timer, this column will help you refresh your room in style, thanks to its quality silver finish enhanced with black and its space-saving design (height 74 cm).

Rowenta fan

Rowenta VU2630F0

  • 5 aerodynamic blades
  • The double orientation of the airflow
  • Integrated carrying handle

Equipped with five aerodynamic blades, the Rowenta VU2630F0 fan offers a dual-orientation of the airflow for personalized adjustment. Designed for installation on a table or desk, it is easy to transport thanks to its integrated handle. At full power, its operation does not exceed 42 decibels. It will therefore not disturb the ambient calm or the environments conducive to concentration.

Mini USB fan

Mini USB fan

  • 5-blade USB fan and motor: it produces a powerful breeze with less noise (between 20 and 30 dB). Stay cool while making minimal noise so you can work, read, or relax without distraction.
  •  Three airflow speed settings.
  • Powered by a USB port with a 1.2 m long USB cable, compatible with USB devices with 5V output, such as computers, laptops, power banks, portable chargers, and other devices with USB output.

This pocket fan brings you a light breeze to keep you cool. Portable and Compact: Small (12.5×12.5×5 cm), it is easy to put in a bag or place on a desk. It is ideal for work, at home, in a bedroom and requires very little space. It is therefore a good auxiliary device to bring a little freshness!

Mist fan

Mist fan

  • Multifunctional fan with a humidifier.
  • Can be hung and suitable for office, home, or outdoor activities.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery. When the battery is depleted, you can also connect the USB device to use the fan.
  • The mini-fogger has a large volume water tank, it can spray continuously for 1.5 hours, the fan operates for 9 hours.

With a possible adjustment on three speeds, a good autonomy of the battery, and the possibility of making it work via a USB port, this fogger fan is a nomadic tool very appreciated to counter the hot weather.

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