Without going through a hair salon, brushing yourself was once a real performance. Fortunately for us, those days are now over thanks to the appearance of blowing bushes. Hair straightening, curling or brushing has never been easier, however, provided you have reliable and efficient equipment. I tell you everything!

The different types of blower brushes

Depending on the nature of your hair care, you will have the choice between several types of blower brushes: rotary blower brush, blower heating brush, brush with retractable pins … I will briefly explain their differences.

Heating brush

The heated fan brush can also be defined as the combination of a conventional hair dryer and a heated brush. It is sort of a 2 in 1 device that dries your hair and combs it at the same time.

Rotary blower brush

The rotary blower brush has two directions of automatic rotation. This allows in particular to style your locks from the inside or outside. The rotation is easily carried out thanks to a handle located between the handle and the brush which is rotated either to the left or to the right.

Blower brush with retractable pins

The blower brush with retractable pins is often equipped with a rotating cord to facilitate its use. The retractable spikes allow you to wrap a wick around the brush and retract the spikes with a single press (usually using a button) to easily slide the device along your hair. This allows for great curls, among others.

Steam blower brush

Strictly speaking, the blower brush with steam acts like a conventional blower brush with the special feature of being equipped with a steam function. This process is healthier for your hair because it does not dry it out. The steam evenly heats your hair without altering its properties.

Comparison: the 3 best blower brushes I tested

Discover without further delay three models of blower brushes that have proven themselves with consumers.


This model is presented as a 3 in 1 blower brush (straightener, hair dryer and hair brush) capable of styling any type of hair: dry, semi-dry, wet, fine, normal, curly and thick. I prefer to be honest I had never heard of this brand I think it is a “Chinese brand” but after all it doesn’t matter as long as it works .

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  • Easy use and handling
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel power cord
  • Tourmaline ceramic hot plate
  • Releases negative ions
  • Three heating temperatures
  • 1000 W power
  • Blow hole for good heat distribution
  • Excellent value


  • A bit noisy
  • Bulky handle


What consumers say

This model has received more than 300 positive reviews, making it one of the best in terms of value for money. The customer reviews are unanimous: this brush provides very satisfactory results and is easy to handle thanks to its low weight in particular.

My opinion

For less than 40 euros, HS Onsing offers a functional and qualitative first price model. If it is a little bulky, it still remains ergonomic and light, which greatly facilitates its use.


With its four interchangeable heads and its drying power of 1,200 W, the Babyliss blower brush allows you to create volume and bring movement to your hair very easily.

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  • Good power;
  • 4 interchangeable heads;
  • Ceramic coating;
  • Anti-frizz ionic function;
  • 3 heating temperatures;
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Fairly large handle;
  • Noisy


What consumers say

This blower brush delivers very good results. In particular, it excels at giving volume to hair, as testified by some clients: “I can easily give volume to the roots and a brushing effect on the lengths (while I am unable to brush my hair in normal times and absolutely not gifted in hairdressing) “,” I have the impression of leaving the hairdresser: volume, movement, but no “rebiquettes” everywhere: I love it! “

My opinion

Babyliss’ multistyle brush is in the mid-range and allows more sophisticated hairstyles than the first presented above, thanks in particular to its four interchangeable heads. Despite all its features, it is nevertheless affordable.


The Philips Procare blower brush is a 5-in-1 brush that dries and styles your hair perfectly for a hair salon-like result.

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  • Ionic function;
  • EHD technology (uniform heat distribution);
  • Gentle drying power;
  • Cold air button to dry hair at low temperature;
  • 38 mm heating brush (ideal for curled effects);
  • Brush with retractable pins (ideal for curls)
  • 5 accessories in all;
  • Two meters of cable;
  • 3 temperature and speed settings;
  • Integrated volumizer;
  • ThermoProtect function.


  • Price


What consumers say

This model received almost 700 ratings, which is quite significant. The vast majority of consumers are very satisfied: “Satisfactory for brushing long hair; I save time “,” For those who have curly, frizzy hair, this product is great. It dries hair gently and quickly. »,« With this blower brush I take exactly 13 minutes to do my brushing it’s just perfect, the brushing holds until my next shampoo, and even in wet weather. “

My opinion

The ProCare blower brush is a great model for smooth, shiny hair without frizz. It produces an optimal air flow and provides gentle drying power to protect your hair from usual dryness. I just regret the price which, however, is amply justified given all of its features.

How to choose your blower brush?

To choose the right blower brush, pay attention to these few points.

Power monitoring

A blower brush must be powerful enough to provide a constant air flow and benefit from optimal drying quality. This is all the more important if you hope to achieve voluminous brushings through it. To do this, it will therefore necessarily be necessary to monitor the number of watts delivered by the device and to correlate it with the nature of your hair.

  • For fine hair, I recommend a blower brush of 1000 W minimum;
  • For normal hair, a brush with a power between 1000 and 1200 W should suffice;
  • For thick hair, you must choose a brush with a power greater than 1,200 W.

Favor the handling

A blower brush is supposed to save you time, in particular by limiting the number of devices to use. To do this, its ergonomics must be perfectly studied:

  • The weight should be reasonable to avoid arm pain;
  • The handle must be adapted to your hand;
  • The accessories must be able to attach to the device easily.

Opt for versatility

Some blower brushes are more versatile than others. So, if your needs are numerous, it is better to opt for a multifunctional model. Indeed, some models allow you to dry your hair, straighten it, curl it and brush it. So, by taking the right device, you can easily vary your hair styles.

In this case, prefer a rotary heated blower brush – fitted with several nozzles (of different diameters) – fitted with a volume-producing accessory. If you want to obtain beautiful natural curls, choose a brush with retractable pins.

Choose the right technology

The latest devices are equipped with ion technology, which limits the appearance of frizz due to the production of heat, among others. This technology, by artificially emitting negative ions, makes hair softer and shiny. What is more, some brushes offer a touch of cold air which allows you to dry your hair at low temperature, which is ideal for fixing the hairstyle and ensuring healthy finishes. Finally, the coating of your brush is also important for obtaining a lasting and safe result for your hair. Ceramics or tourmaline are among the best.

Best brands

  • Babyliss is a brand of French origin that specializes in the world of electro-beauty. The brand’s products are now sold in 64 countries around the world;
  • Philips is a company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It markets consumer products, but also lighting solutions for individuals and professionals, among others;
  • Dyson, named James Dyson, is an appliance manufacturer. The brand is particularly known for its high-end vacuum cleaners;
  • Calor is a brand of French origin belonging to the SEB world group. The Calor company specializes in the design and manufacture of hair dryers, epilators, among others;
  • Remington is an expert brand in electro-beauty, headquartered in America;
  • Revlon is an American cosmetic and hair care company.

My opinion on the use of a blower brush

In my opinion, the blower brush is ideal for two main reasons:

  • To obtain curly hair, in particular thanks to a rotary heated blower brush. To do this, choose brushes with several accessories: extra large rollers and small diameters to vary the curls as you wish;
  • To obtain voluminous hair thanks to a blower brush fitted with a volume-specific accessory, as is the case with the Philips ProCare presented in our comparison.

On the other hand, to obtain smooth hair, it is better to favor a straightening brush or a straightening iron which will both guarantee better results.

Which blower brush to choose?

You should choose a blower brush according to your needs:

  • If it is a matter of drying and styling your hair on an ad hoc basis, then there is no point in investing in high-end equipment. The Hs Onsing brush is therefore perfect for meeting most hair care needs;
  • On the other hand, if it is a regular use, or if your hair is thick, curly or frizzy, then you will necessarily have to invest in a higher range, like the Babyliss brush and the Philips brush. In addition to having more features, they will also be more suitable for creating different hair styles, while preserving your hair to the maximum.

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