The NordicTrack SE3i is an affordable and functional elliptical cross trainer. With its 14 kg flywheel and motorized magnetic braking, it provides good sensations and offers smooth pedaling. Personally, I really enjoyed working on this bike which, despite its low price, is nonetheless provided with features, including a complete and connected console (time, distance, calories, rpm, etc.), dozens of prerecorded programs and practical and well thought out accessories such as the bottle holder, the tablet support, the stabilizers, the adjustable pedals and the MP3 connectors. Here is my opinion!

What I liked

  • Adjusting the resistance – the 1-TOUCH RESISTANCE CONTROL system is an innovative technology that allows you to fine-tune the resistance levels at the touch of a button, thereby increasing the difficulty of your workouts. A total of 22 resistance levels are integrated to improve performance and burn calories;
  • The bottle holder – stable and robust, this accessory is useful for keeping a bottle of water close to you to avoid dehydration problems during cardio sessions;
  • Heart rate measurement – the taking of heartbeats is managed by the EKG system which, by simple contact of the hands with the sensors present on the elliptical trainer, allows you to know the heartbeats in real time. As an option, it is also possible to acquire the heart rate monitor;
  • A clear interface – the backlit screen, in addition to being of good quality, benefits from a clear interface which indicates the data inherent to training: heart rate, time spent in training, calories burned; distance traveled, etc. ;
  • The number of programs – with this device you will have access to 32 pre-recorded programs designed by certified coaches. For even more choices, it is possible to access for free for 1 year the iFit subscription which offers an extensive training library every month;
  • A practical tablet holder – for those who train for at least 30 minutes, you will appreciate being able to watch your favorite films, series or documentaries at the same time. To do this, simply clip the tablet on the support provided for this purpose. This support can even rotate! ;
  • Good quality MP3 connectivity – personally, I listen to a lot of music when I work out. So I really liked that speakers were built into the device;
  • The footrest – far from being the case on all bikes, the NordicTrack SE3i footrest is adjustable;

Beyond these criteria, I also appreciated the casters located at the front of the device which facilitate its movement despite its weight. Finally, level compensators are integrated at the rear to stabilize the elliptical cross trainer according to the nature of the ground.

What I liked least

Apart from the qualities described above, this device is, in my opinion, limited for intensive or semi-professional use. It will thus be suitable for occasional uses, but will be less effective for regular needs (more than 4 days per week).

Indeed, for regular use, it is usually advisable to opt for an elliptical cross trainer with a flywheel of 15 kg minimum, or even more (20 kg) for intensive or almost professional use.

Some technical information

  • Display type: 5-inch backlit screen;
  • Number of programs: 32;
  • MP3 connectivity;
  • IFit compatibility;
  • Heart rate sensor;
  • Optional heart belt;
  • Dimensions: 158 (L) x 66 (w) x 175 (h);
  • Maximum supported weight: 125 kg;
  • 22 resistance levels;
  • Works with an adapter (transformer included);
  • Length of the step: 41 cm.

What are the guarantees ?

If registration of the guarantee on, you will have the right to:

  • A 10-year contractual guarantee on the structure (+ 2 years of legal guarantee, i.e. 12 years in total);
  • A 5-year contractual warranty on the engine (+ 2 years of legal warranty, or 7 years in total);
  • A 2 year legal warranty on parts and labor.

Obviously, as with any device, the guarantees do not cover all risks. The following are therefore excluded from the guarantees:

  • Normal bicycle wear;
  • Abuse or incorrect use of the bicycle (I therefore recommend that you read the instruction manual carefully);
  • Non-private use of the device;
  • Repairs carried out by persons not authorized by iconsupport;
  • Accidents of everyday life: water, fire, lightning, etc. ;
  • Non-compliant training locations (humid rooms for example or in the open air, among others).

Conclusion: my opinion on the Nordictrack SE3i

This model gave me good sensations, both at the beginning and after several weeks of use, which is not always the case, including for models of higher ranges.

However, in my opinion, it is not for everyone! I think it is ideal for those who want to get back into shape quietly with reliable and easy to use equipment. The flywheel ensures smooth pedaling movements for training in the best conditions. Thus, this device is a great product to start and get your foot in the door!

However, I do not recommend it for experienced athletes or those wishing to train more than 4 times a week for a long time. To do this, it is better to choose an elliptical trainer with a flywheel greater than 15 kg for better performance in the long term.

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